Implementing Commercial Audio and Video Capabilities

Implementing Commercial Audio and Video Capabilities

Audio and Video IT Set Up

Congratulations, you landed a new customer! Maybe you secured a new patient at your dental office, or maybe you won the bid for a new project at your architect firm. Now that you’ve wowed your new customer, don’t allow them to be disappointed when they come by your office. Ensure your waiting room, exam room or conference room is set up with state-of-the-art audio and video technology!

Audio and Video Technology

If your business is moving into a new build or you’re just wanting to update your current space, Kota Tech can help with your audio and video technology. We will provide video and audio set ups from individual offices, to zones, to entire buildings as needed.

Kota will analyze the space and your business’s needs and develop a plan to outline what equipment is needed. Our expert technicians will perform the installation to ensure all the tech is working properly.

Video Capabilities

If you want office televisions, Kota will determine how many, and which kind, of TVs to order for the space. Kota will set up the tech so that casting and connecting to the TVs to play particular videos or presentations is seamless. Make waiting rooms enjoyable and conference rooms tech-friendly by having Kota install televisions in your corporate space.

Audio Capabilities

If you want a jaunty tune to be played in your store, or need speakers to cast announcements to reach busy employees, Kota Tech can set up audio equipment in your business. Kota will decide how many speakers to include and where they should be optimally placed. Kota will also set up the audio tech so that managing and accessing the system is easy for in-house staff.

New Builds

In new builds, the tech required to install audio and video capabilities can be incorporated as part of the building plans. Kota can work with contractors to ensure everything is properly and efficiently placed from the start.

Contact Kota Tech today to add or upgrade your business’s audio and video setup!

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